Saturday, August 17, 2013


As friends become enemies, as brothers turn to bleed each other for country of allegiance to another Wizard another advocate of OZ. The lines are no longer blurred between fiction and fact. The ultra real and super real the magickal and ancient dust covered gods wake up and shake the earth moving their feet for the first time. Heart are broken as the Truman show set comes tumbling down, the view of the lake becomes a cliff in Ireland to watch the incoming of the Old Ones. Empirical science becomes so wrapped up in it's Dark City experiment it unleashes an "over thinking over analyzing" techno-organic blackness onto itself, and in all it's precision and measurement, the oil comes spilling like wine all over the overly white lab coats of the curious turned delicate branches of fascism. Branches reach once more from the earth to the heavens made of dirt and wires and people windows, goldfish boils, holy aching armageddon, in the form of cubicles, and big macs, assholes and subways, sirens and infomercials, cell phones and distracted fucking people walking in circles buying themselves the robes of kings and vomiting when speaking, shutting down when listening, ad-hearing to everything television programming has to offer. Anchors away and into chaos, into mud, into Babylon.

Stay in line, only speak when spoken to, tasered to death, take a moment to smell the instagram on my phone, it was a flower, rip the experience out of people, pull the soul from the rug under em, always being watched always being monitored, always being touched, always being filed into demographics more convenient for the corporations. Just cause your paranoid doesn't mean they're not after everyone WE TRUST THE GOVERNMENT too many channels to ever get off the sofa. It said it on the internet. In love with everyone except the person that loves you, grass is greener on the other side. Hell pit of occupational choices serve the drunk or learn to be drunk. No one can crack a book running around like cellphone screens were eye crack unfamiliar with genocidal foreign policy. Take the human out of people. Guns cocked and loaded at the fear of everything. God breathing down your back making sure you forget the idea of personal responsibility. Bombs are going off across the world with a US flag on them and we don't understand our foreign policy or military blood rites as industry as policy because Jersey Shore is on...I'm sure Orange is the New Black will help the prison state they have been building for over a decade.

Helicopters overhead every ten minutes, military exercises and we think it's still to find a man supposedly dumped in the ocean years ago.